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Check out some of the projects I have done in web design, graphic design, and video production!

Projects + Web Design

Fund Black Feminists

Created the website, designed the report, and created the custom layout. Checked PDFs for accessibility. Set up analytics, new page construction, and updates.

Black Alder

Created the website and branding, wrote and edited copy, and created all graphic images.


Created the website, COVID-19 graphics, and platform handout. Manages analytics, mailing list, new page construction, endorsements, and email.

Print Documents


Housing Justice National Platform Handout

This platform has been endorsed by housing justice organizations across the country. It lays out the five pillars of housing justice. I designed the platform.


Alliance for Housing Justice Brand Brief

The creative brand brief for Alliance for Housing Justice. I lead the communications team through a series of branding questions and created the color scheme, icons, logo, and handout.

Disparate Impact 2 Pager.jpg

Disparate Impact 3-Page Explainer

Short explainers help audiences understand complex topics like Disparate Impact. I designed this 3-page document to be distributed by Alliance for Housing Justice's partner organizations.

Writing Samples

BLM Housing.png

The roots of white supremacy, which are responsible for the housing crisis, are the same roots that feed the oppression dealt by police.

[For a PDF version, click the title above.]


Do you know about Dr. Martin Luther King's Dream for fair and just housing? He spent the last few years of his life fighting for it.

[For a PDF version, click the title above.]

Video Collaborations

The 3Ps: The Solution to the National Housing Crisis

For this video, I was the creative director. I simplified the script to make it easier to understand, worked with the animator to define a vision, gave extensive feedback, and provided the voice over.

Understanding Disparate Impact

This video was made for the Disparate Impact campaign. I was heavily involved in its production and approved voice actors and clips, music, storyboards, and final edits. I provided thorough feedback throughout the process and helped edit and write the script.

Understanding Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH)

This video was produced in collaboration with First Fight for the AFFH campaign. I provided critical feedback and made key decisions for the direction of the project.

Opposite Land: Let’s Not Live There — Leave AFFH Alone

This shorter form video was created for the AFFH campaign to inspire audiences to take action. I provided feedback and actively participated in calls regarding this project. This video was produced by First Fight.


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